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GluStitch® Twist Topical Skin Adhesive

GluStitch® Twist topical skin adhesive is the most affordable choice for wound closure. GluStitch® Twist is an n-butyl cyanoacrylate adhesive contained in a high-density polyethylene applicator. It is terminally sterilized and stable for two years when stored below 8°C. Finally an effective wound closure device at an affordable price!

Features and Benefits

Rapid Set Time and High Tensile Bond Strength

  • GluStitch® Twist polymerizes in seconds and has a greater bond strength than currently marketed cyanoacrylate devices.

Applicator Designed for Precision and Control

  • Precision engineered design allowing for a controlled application that does not require aggressive contact with the wound.
  • GluStitch® Twist can be applied in small drops and spread over the wound or painted along the approximated wound edges in a thin film.

Most Cost Effective Skin Adhesive

  • Highest quality and high purity cyanoacrylate.
  • The most affordably priced cyanoacrylate on the market.
  • Ampoule design prevents clogging, which results in less wasted material.
  • One ampoule is enough for each surgery.

Patient Advantages

  • No painful freezing required.
  • No return visits to the doctor for suture removal.
  • Patients may shower or bathe.
  • Less scarring

3 Easy Steps to Prepare GluStitch® Twist for Use

Peel open the foil pouch to expose the sterile, single-use ampoule. Hold the ampoule vertically, and flick the tip to force the adhesive away from the tip.

Keep the ampoule pointed upright and twist and snap off the winged cap. Retain the cap for resealing the tip after use and prior to disposal.

Approximate the wound edges and while holding together, apply GluStitch® Twist in a thin film along the apposed edges. This is accomplished by inverting the applicator and applying GluStitch® Twist along the edges of the wound by gently compressing the back of the ampoule. The wound edges should be held apposed for approximately 30 seconds to allow full curing of the adhesive.

Preparation of Wound

Prepare the treatment area by ensuring the wound is clean and dry. When necessary, debride the wound and remove excess blood. To prevent inadvertent flow of GluStitch® Twist to unintended areas, the wound should be positioned horizontally and GluStitch® Twist should be applied from above the wound. Wounds under tension should be secured by using sub-dermal sutures prior to the application of the tissue adhesive.

Post Application

Following application, recap the ampoule with the retained cap, and dispose. If desired, a dry protective dressing may be applied over repaired wounds once the adhesive has completely polymerized. It is not recommended to apply antibiotic ointment or cream to the repaired wound.


During prolonged periods, GluStitch® Twist should be kept refrigerated at a temperature of < 8°C. Shorter storage periods at ambient conditions (22°C) for a total of 4 weeks will not adversely affect product performance. Do not expose product to elevated temperatures. [/av_icon_box] [av_icon_box position='top' boxed='' icon='ue84d' font='entypo-fontello' title='Packaging and Ordering' link='' linktarget='' linkelement='' font_color='' custom_title='' custom_content='' color='' custom_bg='' custom_font='' custom_border=''] GluStitch® Twist is available in clear or violet in packages of 6 or 12. Contact us today to get started.

Strength of GluStitch® Twist Testing


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